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Philips Lighting is dedicated to introducing innovative end-user-driven and energy-efficient solutions and applications for lighting, based on a thorough understanding of the customer needs.

GreenSquare LED Luminaire

Maximise your savings, minimise your cost. Recessed Mounted LED luminaire suitable for mounting in Armstrong Grid Ceiling (600mm X 600mm), GreenSquare is designed to deliver energy efficient, long life lighting solution for office Spaces.

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The function of interior illumination is to provide human beings with an environment which contributes to their mental and physical well-being and prevents accidents. In addition, it should influence the mental state of the persons involved with the aim of achieving a higher degree of performance, combating premature fatigue and reducing errors. The choice of the right type of light sources and luminaires is therefore crucial for appropriate illumination in any industrial environment viz. factories, refineries, chemical/fertilizer plants, project sites etc. In this catalogue, a wide range of Bajaj Industrial Lighting Luminaires for different applications are described alongwith the product photograph, line diagram, specification, electrical data, dimensional data, ingress protection categories (wherever applicable) and typical installation photograph, enabling the customer to select the right type of luminaire. Photometric data of each luminaire with different lamps and different lampholder positions are available on request

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CG Commercial Luminaires range consist of Recessed, Office Lighting, Surface / Wall Mounted, Suspended / Pendant mounted, Downlight / Retail lighting, Health care / Pharma lighting luminaires Office workers spend a great deal of their day in office. Many of them complain of headaches, nausea, and visual fatigue as a result of the visual demands associated with computer use and bad office lighting conditions. We at CG want to help by making theirs a comfortable and beautiful place to be with modern lighting options that look gorgeous and give them the perfect light to work by.We have introduced elegantly crafted range of modular recessed mounted energy efficient luminaires to create perfect ambience in offices. Brightly lit ceiling and walls along with working plane makes the working places comfortable to work and increases sense of belongingness amongst employees.

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Termites and rodents cause extensive damage to paper, wood, plastic etc. In case of electrical installation, damaged caused by above pests may lead to short circuit which can become a cause for a major disaster, loss of property and human life.

Havells cables with S3 technology provide insulation with termite and rodent repulsion properties. Certification regarding the above has been obtained from “Central Power and Research Institute” (CPRI)

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The lighting market is going through a period of technologi- cal change, with semiconductor-based technologies such as LEDs and OLEDs presenting customers with new possibili- ties in terms of effi ciency, quality of light and fl exibility. As a premium supplier, OSRAM is playing a leading role here.
For more than 100 years, the trademark OSRAM stands for innovative and sustainable developments in the global lighting market. Today, OSRAM is one of the world’s largest suppliers of products and solutions for a wide range of customer requirements – from lamps and modules to lumi- naires and high-effi ciency light management systems.

OSRAM focuses all its resources on the subject of light, actively supporting its customers in making the best choices to meet their individual requirements. With more than 40000 employees in around 150 countries, OSRAM develops tailor-made solutions to cover the specifi c needs of its customers.

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