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Havelles Brand Wholesalers In Chennai

During last four decades, Polar has been fanning airs of bonding & trust with its customers with utmost satisfaction. Polar possess a common household name nationally gained its reputation through its journey with enviable quality products and innovative of fans for every choice and for every purpose. From a gust of cool air with the celebrated range of ceiling, table and portable fans created with cutting edge technology to utility based heavy duty air circulators and exhaust fans, Polar spells excellence in every type & kind of domestic fan spectrum. The winds of true quality and innovative designs also reach our buyers abroad where Polar again maintains its presence consistently with viable business relations, ensuring a brand that is taking on the world & making a refreshing difference to the future to make it a byword for excellence.

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Fans Wholesalers in Chennai
Havelles Brand Suppliers In Chennai

Fans Supliers In Chennai

56 SUPERBRANDS Market It seems bizarre that in a hot and humid country such as India, one of the most cost-effective gadgets to increase personal and collective comfort should have been a luxury not so long ago. The truth is that in their initial years fans were very expensive and were used in coalmines and factories where they were deemed necessities.
The versatility, adaptability as well as universal applicability of this wonderful machine has now created a worldwide market that cuts across income lines and uses, ranging from the basic function of blowing air to more complex sophisticated tasks. The traditional fan, now an essential commodity, has also experienced a whirlwind of change. From being a mundane object designed to artificially agitate air, it has now whirred its way into the modern, demanding world of style and statement. Homes, offices, industrial complexes, shopping centres all sport fans of every conceivable size, shape, dimension and capability. Some 30 million fans are sold annually in India with branded fans controlling 65% of the market. Crompton Greaves is the undisputed leader clocking annual sales exceeding 5 million units. This gives the company a 25% share in an arena that is not only ferociously competitive but also intensely demanding. The fans division has been winning the market race for over a decade. With a range for every imaginable application, its dominance is formidable and comprehensive. In the international market, the company is one of the leading exporters and has a very substantial presence in the US, Italy, South Africa, Ghana, Fiji, Singapore, Bahrain, the UAE, Sri Lanka, the UK, France, Oman and Sudan

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Crompton Brand Wholesalers In Chennai

Havells entered fan business in mid-2003 and has emerged as one of the fastest growing Fan brand in the Indian market. Havells has captured the customer's fancy with innovative designs and excellent finishes. From Premium Fans in exquisite antique finishes to fans specially designed for kids to dual color fans and High Speed Fans. Havells offers a complete range to meet varied individual needs.

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